What is happening in Scarborough this Christmas?

We are pleased to say that this year will be a full programme of town centre events in Scarborough on the first three weekends of December with activities running from 10 am until 4 pm.

Each weekend will see a different street theatre act interacting with the crowds and leading people towards the ice rink.

The first weekend (3 to 5 December) will see a pair of ten-foot-tall, noble and elegant lamp posts, similar to those seen in St Nicholas Gardens, except these are alive and ready for a chat!

The second weekend (10 to 12 December) is ‘bouncing weekend’ with Roo’d at Christmas appearing on Saturday. They are two bouncing kangaroos from Australia, confused by the cold – will provide a down-under Christmas experience. On Sunday, they’ll be replaced by bouncing elves getting into all sorts of mischief.

The third weekend (17 to 19 December) will see the beautiful and engaging Ghost Caribou, giant, illuminated creatures, part caribou and part spirit, roam a mystical world accompanied by a wild herds person.

To accompany the street theatre, there’ll be activities for children and workshops where you can learn a few Christmas crafts and even some circus skills.

To support the activities within the town, we have invested £20,000 this year and are looking at enhancements to further support the Scarborough Gift Card pre-Christmas, which has reached a milestone of 100 businesses now signed up and benefiting from the scheme.

2021 Investment:  £20,000


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