The idea for the collection was inspired by the global sculpture event Sculpture by the Sea which takes place in Australia every year and sees sculptors from across the world display these magnificent pieces of art part of a curated trail.

The idea was initially discussed within the board before it was settled that the ambition within the first BID term, should be to invest in pieces that could highlight nature/wildlife/history of the area.

From this a plan was developed and later discussed with local sculptor Emma Stothard, who brought the collection to life.

Emma Stothard, originally from south of Withernsea, and now living and working outside Whitby, is renowned for creating eye-catching and iconic sculptures, not only locally, but throughout the UK, with much loved pieces at home in places such as Highgrove House and Gardens.

Her unique approach to weaving what appears to be hard and unyielding materials makes for the perfect design aesthetic on the Yorkshire Coast, and we have incorporated two pieces, The Coronation Lobster in Staithes (Funded by the North York Moors National Park) and The Crab in Withernsea (Withernsea Town Council) into our collection.


Each sculpture is created unique to the location and its nature wildlife and history.

Withernsea Crab

Commissioned by Withernsea Town Council to celebrate the fishing industry and local catch and is the start of the Fish Trail.  In 2021 we provided funding for the area to be landscaped to add more prominence to the area that it is located.

Spurn Butterfly

We worked in partnership with the Yorkshire Wildlife Trusts officers at the spurn Point discovery centre to identify a lesser known species, the Green Hair Streak Butterfly, that thrives in this area.  The piece was unveiled in August 2021 and is a key check point on Route YC, highlighting Yorkshire’s very own Lands End as a gateway area to the Yorkshire Coast.

Wykeham Damselfly

In 2022 we partnered with the Dawnay Estates to celebrate the native Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly, one of just 300 different types that can be found in and around Wykeham Lakes.  The location forms part of a nature trail within the North Yorkshire Waterpark and is the most westerly checkpoint on Route YC. 

Hornsea Wave

This piece is a story of two halves, as it has been created to not only celebrate the Hornsea Pottery heritage and connect the trail that winds around the town, to the town centre, but we have also have plans to turn the area into a nature haven by working with local landscapers.  The Wave and Fish were inspired by a piece within the Hornsea Pottery collection and is designed as a fully accessible piece so people can take their pictures with both parts of the sculpture easily. 

Future Plans

Our ambition is to add to the collection by continuing to work with land owners, to create unique reasons to for visitors to explore Route YC and the Yorkshire Coast. 

We have future plans for the below locations, but all are subject to funding and suitable location and landowner.

  • Flamborough
  • Sandsend
  • Filey
  • Bridlington


Funded via Coastal Funds:

Withernsea Crab:  £300

Spurn Butterfly:  £25,217

Wykeham Damselfly:  £22,600

Hornsea Wave:  £27,230

NEW for 2024:  Bridlington Barrowboy Sculpture – £25,000*. Please note that this will form part of the collection, but has not been created by Emma Stothard.