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Race the Waves is the brain-child of Paul Garbutt, who had previously produced classic motorcycle social gatherings under his event name BACKFIRE.  This evolving motoring heritage spectacular at the Yorkshire Coast, Race the Waves was originally intended to serve only as a pilot to generate and drive motorcycle interest to Bridlington, which had previously been viewed within the powered two wheeler fraternity, a scooterists destination.

When we first met Paul back in 2019, his passion for the event and area got us hooked in early!  His first event was supported by the events team at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, but for it to have continued it needed financial backing – which is where we have stepped in ever since.

The event has grown from a couple of thousand spectators to an event which attracted over 60,000 in 2023 and we believe this unique has the scope to keep evolving with the right support and financial backing.


Bridlington Town has been associated with Speed Trials from as far back as 1904 and the last documented running of the Bridlington Speed Trials was in 1924.  

These trials were held along Kingsgate road which lies parallel and only a short distance away to where Race the Waves now takes place.

The event was originally 1-2 days, which in recent years has expanded to 4, over multiple locations, including Priory Green in the Old Town.

The event itself is made up of static displays and the trials on the beach where people can see the cars racing against the incoming tide.


This event is jointly supported by us and East Riding of Yorkshire Council.  The events team at ERYC support Paul and his team with the physical infrastructure support, from parking, permissions, traffic management and marshalls.

The funding we provide is specifically allocated to other areas, such as barriers/safety matting/marketing.

In addition, we have helped with taking the PA Trailer for registration days and photography/video, specifically for the Great Wolds Valley Run in 2021.

Bridlington Fund

  • 2020:  £1,828
  • 2022:  £11,259
  • 2023:  £9,890
  • 2024:  £8,450