Unleashing the Yorkshire Coasts potential



For many years, the Yorkshire Coast has been a hidden gem, but why?  

The area stretches over 100 miles of glorious coastline, boasts a National Park and areas renowned for unique wildlife.  This, together with a diverse mix of six key towns and over 50 villages, makes it a fantastic place to live and visit.

We see the Yorkshire Coast as a rival to any UK destination spot and are proud of our aim to promote it as a whole, so it gains recognition like much-loved destination spots like the Lake District and Devon.

We are proud to be working with businesses that recognise the areas’ potential. Their visitors didn’t put the breaks on when they reached a borough boundary and actually like visiting multiple places every time they visit.

This is exactly what fuels us to create, operate and support fantastic initiatives that span the entire Yorkshire Coast.

We are investing in:

The Yorkshire Coastal Route Route YC

A new visitor product that promotes 3, 5 and 7 night stays outside of the main visitor season.  

All accommodation, leisure and hospitality businesses are encouraged to contact us to ensure you are profiled correctly.

We are investing in Electric vehicle charging points and bike repair stations throughout the Yorkshire Coast to support this product further.

This investment in infrastructure promotes alternative methods of travel to future proof visits to the area.  We will always look at how to improve a visitors experience, and these are two ways we are supporting now. 

The Odyssey

This is the biggest event series ever displayed in a UK coastal area, developed with local organisers and the community.  

This ever-evolving series has already seen over 400 participants narrating the series, 12 events, many local artists involved and the launch of geolocated story trails – combining the love of walking set to the sights and sounds of the Yorkshire Coast.

You will see large-scale puppets, film, even more photography, and an opportunity to put us not just on the map but also in the history books. So keep following us for the next instalments of The Odyssey.

Coastal Sculpture Collection

We have always said that we are committed to working with the best talent from within the Yorkshire Coast, and we are proud to be working with renowned sculptor Emma Stothard to create our milestone moments.  

We created our first piece collaborating with the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust to celebrate the area and promote key messaging about conservation and how fragile our coastal areas are.  

Inevitably, big plans take planning, but we are proud to have all of the above live and going live within the coming weeks….and we have even bigger plans for Autumn 2022.

New Opportunities

We are committed to using the best suppliers throughout our coastal area. Our suppliers are instructed to procure imagery, soundtracks and other services from within the Yorkshire Coast.  Some expertise may need to be outsourced from a wider area, but we will endeavour to keep this within Yorkshire.

We are currently speaking to photographers/videographers – please feel free to recommend a local supplier that you have used so we can include them in our tendering process.