We are proud to be supporting such a hard-working group of volunteers in Whitby who produce the annual floral displays which enhance the overall look and feel of the town.

Read on to find out what we have been funding, or go directly to the Whitby in Blooms website to find out more about their fantastic work and achievements.

Who is Whitby in Bloom?

The Whitby in Bloom Group is comprised of individuals and representatives of organisations in the town who seek to work together to promote, support and develop their beautiful town.  Their aim is to use horticulture to enhance the environment in which we live, work and play.

What we have supported

Whitby in Bloom is a fantastic organisation who pay a lot of attention to not only brightening and enhancing areas of Whitby but also take pride in creating natural habitats.  We were pleased to support their enhanced planting scheme, with more emphasis on improving the look and feel of key points, like the railway station within the town.

Investment:  £3,160

Scheme Length

The funding we provided helped grow more plants and equipment to house them to enable more displays in Whitby.  This work started at the start of the year and the planting scheme will be in place until the end of Summer.