Not all coastal towns are the same and Withernsea is a prime example of a town with so much to offer visitors who are looking for history and outdoor adventures.  The town has gone through many changes over the years driven by the community and sits as the gateway to the Yorkshire Coast.

The BID will:

  • Develop visitor experience
  • Create a strong Withernsea identity and promote historic attractions
  • Develop pop-up events in the centre of Withernsea
  • Support the growth of existing events and promote the areas as a southern gateway to the Yorkshire Coast
  • Develop new wildlife-focused itineraries and things to do

Withernsea Bike Scheme

The Shores Centre needed to adapt to high demand throughout the crisis, turning its on-site cafe into a food bank community kitchen. Due to the ageing population, coastal area location and high levels of unemployment, the impact of COVID-19 had a significant impact on those self-isolating in the town. 

Poor transport links meant having the means to reach people with supplies was incredibly difficult, the BID provided a vital transport donation that enabled them to reach vulnerable people during the country’s coronavirus lockdown.  We donated 10 bicycles and a trailer to ensure volunteers can get essential food and supplies to people in some of the community’s most deprived areas. 

As the lockdown is lifting, the next stage of the Withernsea Bike Scheme is being set in motion with bike repair training being offered to the community in preparation for the hire scheme launching.

Withernsea Piers Project

We are a firm supporter of the Withernsea Pier and Promenade Association in their aim of building a new pier to add significant interest and a vital tourist attraction to the area.  The pier will provide a unique selling point as the only pier on the Holderness coast and the only “maritime” visitor centre promoting renewable energy in the northeast of England.  

Situated within one hundred yards from the town centre, it will provide a natural focal point for the town and a place to congregate before exploring the rest of the promenade. Furthermore, it will provide a platform for pop up stalls and other businesses providing local employment and volunteering opportunities. 

To help the WPPA on their way we have funded the repurposing of the iconic Pier Towers.

Yorkshire Coastal Route

Withernsea is our most southern town within the Yorkshire Coast and is a key gateway for people looking to join the coastal route and experience the local itineraries.

The recently funded Withernsea Bike Scheme is a perfect fit the route as it will provide those who may wish to experience the area via bike, the opportunity to hire and explore what the area has to offer.

Monster Hero Safari 2020

MonsterHero Safari is a story trail specifically designed for families with a range of children’s ages in mind.  In its simplest form, young children will be able to excitedly spot the colourful and unique characters along the trail and older children will enjoy the interactive elements of the NFC enabled window displays and story.  Families go to a central location and simply tap or scan a central poster, or any trail stop character, with a smartphone – without the need to download any apps. 

It was important to us that the Safari came to Withernsea and the “hunt” has been designed to take people around the seafront and high street to help more businesses benefit from this new and exciting trail.


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