Scarborough is the largest town within the Yorkshire Coast and has a high mix of retailers positioned not only within the town centre but in periphery areas, North and South Bay.  This is why we encourage our partners to consider expanding activity that will benefit multiple areas to attract visitors and residents to areas which may have been forgotten or overlooked.  

The BID will:

  • Visitor experience packages to extend visitors stay
  • Develop the early evening economy through creating new experiences
  • Explore collective pop-up opportunities to make use of empty retail space
  • Run promotional campaigns to highlight the different districts within the town
  • Deliver enhanced street cleaning program at peak times of the year and upgrade facilities on the seafront
  • Improve visitor information at key access points to the town
  • Work with partners to improve the public realm
  • Research additional funding opportunities to light up key landmarks
  • Work with businesses to create a new signature event for the town
  • Identify ways of managing antisocial behaviour

Scarborough Stories starting in January 2021 and is a year-long programme of community story building activity which will include; true-story open mic nights, storytelling workshops and intensive skills boosting workshops, led by world-class artists. This will culminate in three pilot performances of Scarborough Stories over a weekend, taking place in the evening in a site-specific location in the town centre such as a shop. 

Interesting events such as these can infiltrate communities who previously may have had barriers preventing participation in arts and performance-related activities.

We are really excited to hear these stories and we feel this is a very important aspect that can be built into the Yorkshire Coastal Route that we are launching in more detail next week to inspire visitors to keep coming back.


The Big Ideas By The Sea Festival is being developed by local residents and taking place in May 2021.  This new and unique festival promises to establish itself as a world-class annual cultural and community event in Scarborough. 

The inspiration is being brought to life by Kane Cunningham, co-director of BIBTS CIC came from living by the sea and seeing first hand from how Scarborough has inspired many different artists who are now situated in far-flung places.

The festival aims to explore the notion of ideas that travel and can change people’s lives and reflect upon the ‘migration of Ideas,’ and the impact they have had on society, culture and British life over millennia. 

Throughout history, Scarborough has drawn thinkers, writers, actors, poets and artists such as William Morris, Alan Ayckbourn, William ‘Strata’ Smith and Anne Bronte to visit and stay, some of whom made it their home. 

This attraction continues today and so able to draw upon the current wealth of writers, artists, scientists, historians, archaeologists and business community living in Scarborough as speakers keen to talk about the Big Ideas in their field. 

Copy of Set out t conquer the ocean.

MonsterHero Safari is a story trail specifically designed for families with a range of children’s ages in mind.  In its simplest form, young children will be able to excitedly spot the colourful and unique characters along the trail and older children will enjoy the interactive elements of the NFC enabled window displays and story.  Families go to a central location and simply tap or scan a central poster, or any trail stop character, with a smartphone – without the need to download any apps. 

It was important to us that the Safari came to Scarborough and the “hunt” has been designed to take people around North Bay, South Bay, Old Town and high street to help more businesses benefit from this new and exciting trail.


In 2019 we supported an application put forward by a business steering group headed by The Brunswick Shopping Centre to bring about a light switch on event, victorian market and Scarborough destination marketing campaign.

The investment size was made based on the amount that national retailers contribute to the overall levy and feedback that not enough was done within the town to help businesses fight back against online shopping.

To assist with coordinating the necessary health and safety/road closures, the steering group chose to partner with Scarborough Borough Council tourism and events department to deliver all of the proposed activity which you can find out more about HERE.

Copy of Set out t conquer the ocean.

We have factored all of our delivery based on our current income only, but as we have a big plan to fulfill over the next five years, we have already started on working on additional projects like below.


To date, we have identified 3 different ways on how best to help direct visitors to available parking spaces, including the park and ride.  All options carry significant investment and we are finalising 2 main proposals, which includes digital matrix boards before approaching local authorities and public agencies for additional funding.

We are aware that no solution will be easy or straightforward to implement, but over the coming months, we will present you with two versions to provide your feedback on before progressing this any further.

Street Cleaning

We have received several quotes for a program of enhanced street cleaning, but we are going to keep monitoring the overall cleanliness of the area before making any commitments.  

If you feel that there are places which require immediate cleansing, we will always approach local authorities for their plans, but if no funding is available, we will present a spot plan to the board for approval.

PA Hire

One project we approved at the start of the year which was suggested by Scarborough businesses was to procure PA equipment for businesses to hire free of charge, has unfortunately been placed on hold due to COVID-19.  We have made this decision as we did not feel that now would be the most appropriate time to purchase an item of this value when it is most likely to be sat in storage unused.

Should this decision mean that organisers are in short supply of funding for this equipment, please speak to us because funds that we had reserved for safety signage within the town is now not being used.