Your Savings Advisory Service

We are funding Meercat Associates from the Coastal Business Support funds to help you lower your operating costs. If you want to get started straight away, don’t hesitate to give the team a call.

What do Meercat Associates provide?

Personalised service

Every month the Meercat team will be here on the Yorkshire Coast visiting businesses to review and identify savings on your behalf.

No fees or commissions

Unlike a traditional broker, Meercat Associates do not take any fees or bonuses.  They identify the savings and will provide you with opportunities to make savings.

Want help now?

You don’t need to wait to start the process; you can call or email the Meercats team and make arrangements for you to send them copies of your bills, and they will get started straight away!


This service is only available to BID businesses. To ensure the Meercats team know who to speak to, we have entered into a data-sharing agreement which only provides them with information to contact you about the service on our behalf. This information cannot be sold on or used for any other purpose, and no personal details relating to your business has been provided; only information which is already in the public domain.


We have been impressed with the level of savings that Meercat Associates have been able to achieve for other businesses around the UK. However, like all projects, we will be monitoring the service to make sure that the same savings are made throughout the Yorkshire Coast. As the program rolls out, we will be sending updates with the total savings realised.

Savings Advisory Service
Savings Advisory Service