Savings Advisory Services

Over the last 12 months since we partnered with Meercat Associates Limited, nearly £30,000 worth of direct savings was identified for BID members and we invested £19,750.

Due to changes in the industry and a stall in further savings being realised post August 2020, we made the decision to suspend the service to look at alternative forms of business support.

We partnered with Meercat Associates in 2019 because they offered a no-fee/no-commission brokerage service to BIDs while providing additional insight into businesses trading statuses throughout the national lockdown and tier restrictions.

It is important to us that we strongly assess all of our partnerships to ensure you are receiving the best value for money and services which fit the needs of both small and large operators throughout the Yorkshire Coast.

If there are areas in which you require support, i.e. training, grant support etc, please get in touch and we will see if we can connect you direct for additional help.