The BID will:

  • Focus marketing activity to take place outside of peak holidays
  • Support existing events to drop and develop
  • In partnership, upgrade public recycling and waste facilities in problem areas
  • Increase promotion of public transport
  • Research expansion of park and ride
  • Lobby for new parking solutions
  • Work with local artists to create attractive signage
  • Identify ways of managing large visitor groups

Whitby in Bloom

In 2019 we supported the organisers of the Whitby Krampus Run, Decadent Drawing, as it was a growing event that was built with many members of the community.

It was a unique and exciting performance-based event which brought visitors to Whitby from all of the U.K and beyond. 

Whitby Krampus Run

Towns as picturesque as Whitby are made this way through the investments made by businesses and volunteers.

Following meetings with the Whitby in Bloom group who are a volunteer organisation and from seeing the beautiful displays that they had made over the years, we were keen to understand how we could help them further.

We scaled back our investment in 2020 inlight of COVID-19, but their achievements and aspirations to improve the look and feel at key locations have not disappointed!

Monster Hero Safari 2020

MonsterHero Safari is a story trail specifically designed for families with a range of children’s ages in mind.  In its simplest form, young children will be able to excitedly spot the colourful and unique characters along the trail and older children will enjoy the interactive elements of the NFC enabled window displays and story.  Families go to a central location and simply tap or scan a central poster, or any trail stop character, with a smartphone – without the need to download any apps. 

It was important to us that the Safari came to Scarborough and the “hunt” has been designed to take people around North Bay, South Bay, Old Town and high street to help more businesses benefit from this new and exciting trail.

Yorkshire Coastal Route

Whitby is a destination that we have had to look at closely when considering the impact of a coastal route and we are reviewing how best to divert around congested routes within the town.  It would have been easier to remove completely, but because our focus is using this to promote to visitors outside of the summer season, and the uniqueness of the town we felt we would be doing the town an injustice by leaving it out!

Visitor itineraries are focused on connecting the town to beauty spots on the outskirts so people can still enjoy their stay in the town, but they can escape and enjoy lesser-visited places on bike and foot such as Ruswarp and Staithes for a new experience.

The Odyssey will also be used to generate local content to inspire those who may never have considered visiting before.

Coastal Sculpture Collection

We are working with Whitby sculpture Emma Stothard to create key marker point sculptures that will not only fit within the coastal route but will also highlight the marine/fishing heritage the area is renowned for.

We have ring-fenced funding for a piece to be situated within Whitby and are currently exploring locations within the town to ensure it is located in the correct area.

The Odyssey

The Odyssey is our flagship event program that will see over 50 outdoor events take place throughout the Yorkshire Coast and Whitby will be a prominent location for several stages of the story.

This event will provide businesses with a series of opportunities to inspire guests to return for the next instalment and with beachfront locations in mind as the backdrop, a great way to drive footfall outside of the normal summer season.

All members of the community can either participate in the event or choose to watch in person or follow the story unfold online and local artists and musicians from the area have been commissioned to tailor this epic adventure to our towns and villages.

Future Opportunities


To date, we have identified 3 different ways on how best to help direct visitors to available parking spaces, including the park and ride.  All options carry significant investment and we are finalising 2 main proposals, which includes digital matrix boards before approaching local authorities and public agencies for additional funding.

We are aware that no solution will be easy or straightforward to implement, but over the coming months, we will present you with two versions to provide your feedback on before progressing this any further.


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