We are working in collaboration with Robin Hood’s Bay Tourism Association on a number of projects including appearance-related improvements to the village and funding towards the 2019 Victorian Christmas Weekend, Festive Fun Past & Present.

Victorian Weekend – Festive Fun, Past & Present

We were delighted to support this re-branded event to fund additional lighting, Christmas tree’s, and new bunting to add to the ambiance of this festive filled Victorian themed weekend. 

UPDATE November 2020: Unfortunately the 2020 event has been postponed, but that doesn’t mean that the area cannot be further enhanced through additional festival lighting. We have approved the proposal to help the team continue enhancing the village for both residents and visitors, should they come to the area this winter.

Improvements to the Dock End

The Robin Hood’s Bay Tourism Association had the vision to create a much-improved area for both visitors and the local community and worked with local stakeholders to relocate the refuse bins and remove a dilapidated bench.  We were pleased to help by funding the new seating in what is now a pleasant area to sit and enjoy views of the village.

Visitor Experience

Two new additions we have provided funding for, is a new defibrillator at the bottom of the village and a new webcam stream to provided by a local cooperative, to help the local tourism association continue their great work in promoting the village far and wide.  These are newly commissioned projects so we shall share more details over the coming weeks.

Total investment for all projects in the area:  £8,000