Who are the Withernsea Pier and Promenade Association?

The WPPA was formed in 2016 to promote and engage in projects along the seafront promenade of Withernsea and this fantastic group has a big aim – to rebuild the iconic Withernsea pier to put Withernsea to regenerate tourism in the area.

Read on to find out what we have been funding, or if you would like to help support their pier development, go directly to their website and check out their latest achievements.

What is the Withernsea Pier Project?

The WPPA big aim is to rebuild the iconic Withernsea Pier and the group have been tirelessly fundraising to bring their ideas to fruition for the benefit of the Withernsea community and attracting tourism to the town.  

The development is proposed to happen in multiple stages, but with 75% raised for stage one, we were keen to see how we could support!

How we have supported the pier project

We have provided the WPPA with a grant for them to repurpose the internal pier towers – turning these iconic towns into a new experience for visitors while providing the group with a way to generate income which can be reinvested back into the pier project.

The piers now showcase key environmental and wildlife information and opportunities for pop-up shops.  There are additional opportunities for us to assist with pier based events for the group to further their fundraising.

The towers are now open to the public and it is proving to be another great addition for not only visitors but also the Withernsea community as children can find out more about how our actions impact our environment and wildlife.

Investment: £3,301