Why use ShopAppy?

Businesses just like you, have been looking at new ways to operate since the lockdown and to help, we have taken care of your first-year membership fee to ShopAppy.  

It is a way of digitising the high street to make it easier for people buy local and all you need to do is register, start loading your products and then look forward to a new stream of orders – and what’s better is it is a zero-commission service, so you don’t sacrifice your profit for sales!

Step 1

How to register

You have made a great decision!  Now, let us guide you through the steps to get you registered!

Click HERE to take you through to the ShopAppy registration page.

Below, you will see the 4 sections of information that you need to complete. 

Make sure that you choose the “monthly payment” option before clicking REGISTER.  We will be handling the fees so don’t worry, it will be coming straight to us!

Screenshot 2020-03-20 at 19.50.08
Screenshot 2020-03-20 at 19.51.15
Screenshot 2020-03-20 at 19.51.47

Step 2

What happens next?

You will receive a confirmation email saying you are in process so in the meantime, think about what you want to showcase to your future customers.

When your application has been completed, you will receive info and some videos to help get you started and if you have any problems you can email info@shopappy.com or contact us directly at the BID here.

The team will assist you in uploading your first ten products, we also suggest you offer bundles or packs if possible, for instance:

  • A food parcel
  • A craft pack
  • A health care pack
  • A reading pack
  • A music pack
  • A Self care pack
  • A dinner date pack

And don’t forget about creating a voucher for people to order as buy now, use later which may help you to get your loyal customers to support you as footfall and custom drops and gives us all something to look forward to buying or doing after the outbreak. 

You are the experts in what you can offer, so think about what those in isolation might need, and offer this through the ShopAppy.com tool.

Gift voucher example

How are we supporting ShopAppy?

In addition to the ShopAppy team contacting businesses direct to help get you registered and load your products, we are preparing campaigns to boost its effectiveness.

We are concentrating on building a series of testimonials to be able to promote you and use of the site and have created a dedicated email to handle all enquiries and collate images of your fantastic images.

If you want to feature, contact Lisa, our BID project coordinator at hello@yorkshirecoastshopappy.co.uk.