Hornsea is a fantastic town which has the feel of market town by the sea, but with the amenities of a fantastic golf course, mere, museum and gardens.  There are so many opportunities to not only highlight the fantastic retail offering with nearby Hornsea Freeport, but the walks and excursions on the mere make this an all in one resort town.

The BID will:

  • Develop and promote Hornsea
  • Support more events and experiences for families in the town
  • Support the growth of existing events
  • Support projects that focus on new trails and heritage within the entire town to cross-promote the seafront-freeport-town

Yorkshire Coastal Route

Hornsea is an iconic town within the Yorkshire Coast providing visitors with a retail, nature-focused and beach experience and a great base for visitors completing the coastal route.

We have factored one of the key Coastal Sculpture Collection pieces to be located within the town and a key marker point for local itineraries so people can explore this special coastal resort.

Coastal Sculpture Collection

We are working with local artist Emma Stothard to create key marker point sculptures that will not only fit within the coastal route but will also highlight the marine/fishing heritage the area is renowned for.

All Hornsea businesses can help us determine the location and type of sculpture and we are keen for those interested to get in touch.

Monster Hero Safari 2020

MonsterHero Safari is a story trail specifically designed for families with a range of children’s ages in mind.  In its simplest form, young children will be able to excitedly spot the colourful and unique characters along the trail and older children will enjoy the interactive elements of the NFC enabled window displays and story.  Families go to a central location and simply tap or scan a central poster, or any trail stop character, with a smartphone – without the need to download any apps. 

It was important to us that the Safari came to Hornsea and the “hunt” has been designed to take people around the seafront and high street to help more businesses benefit from this new and exciting trail.

New Opportunities

Our ambition is to support local projects that showcase the heritage and natural assets within the town.  We have a fantastic proposal from one of our partners looking to create new wildlife lookouts within the town which we are considering for year 3 – if you would like to work with us on identifying locations please get in touch.


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