Hornsea is a fantastic town which has the feel of market town by the sea, but with the amenities of a fantastic golf course, mere, museum and gardens.  There are so many opportunities to not only highlight the fantastic retail offering with nearby Hornsea Freeport, but the walks and excursions on the mere make this an all in one resort town.

The BID will:

  • Develop and promote Hornsea
  • Support more events and experiences for families in the town
  • Support the growth of existing events
  • Support projects that focus on new trails and heritage within the entire town to cross-promote the seafront-freeport-town

Hornsea Fund:                        £28,493

Additional Income:                £2,395

Committed Funds:                £19,200

Projects Funded from Hornsea Funds

  • Hornsea Christmas Lights 2021 – £9.5
  • Hornsea Jubilee Support 2022 – £1k
  • Puffins Galore! 2022-2023 – £7.2k
  • Hornsea Carnival 2022 – £1.5k
  • TBC:  Coastal Sculpture Collection
Projects Funded from Coastal Funds
Monster Hero Safari 2020
Savings Advisory Service 2019-2021
ShopAppy 2020-2022
PA Trailer 2021-2024
Counting Down to Christmas 2021
Route YC 2021 – 2024:  Marketing and Promotion
Route YC 2021 – 2024:  Bike Repair Stations
Route YC 2021 – 2024:  Paw me a Drink
Route YC 2022 – 2024: EV Points
Odyssey: Lighting up the Coast 2021
Odyssey: 1000 Ships 2021
Odyssey: Trojan Wars 2022
Odyssey: Geo Location Trails 2020-2024
Odyssey: The Survivor and bus tour 2021
Odyssey: Trojan horse (October 2022)