Get Involved

Over the next 5 years the BID will keep evolving based on your needs as a business and the different opportunities that arise throughout the Yorkshire Coast.  Your involvement is important to us, so whether you have an idea, would like like to join a working group OR have a fully formed project requiring funding, there is plenty of opportunity to get involved.

BID Businesses

All BID businesses are entitled to the full range of services that the BID offers…after all; it is your BID!

To get the most out of the BID, make sure you join our mailing list to receive the most up to date information about developing projects as we are minimising communicating via post to keep costs low.

All BID businesses are entitled to become a formal member of the BID Company which will also give you the opportunity to become a director and vote on key company business.  

We are currently undertaking an annual review of the Member Register and rules, and the application form will be made available again soon as soon as this has taken place.

Exempt businesses

Just because you are exempt, doesn’t mean that you can’t join the BID community and have access to the full range of services and get involved in BID projects.

Opting to become a BID Business provides you with the opportunity to contribute to the development of your area and the Yorkshire Coast, including having access to our services like the new Savings Advisory Service.

If you would like to become a Member, please speak to the BID Team to discuss how you can become a BID Business and help the 1,300 businesses throughout the Yorkshire Coast make the area the UK’s top tourist destination.