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In 2018 you told us that protecting the area and it’s wild/marine life from waste derived from increase in visitation to the area, was key to protecting the Yorkshire Coasts value for future generations.

Here is what we have been investing in.


In 2022 we created the standalone site Protect our Coast as a home for different initiatives and tools.  On the website you will find details about:

  • Coast and Countryside guides:  Download and share with customers and employees
  • Clean up events
  • Wildlife Guides
  • Seal of Approval


There are fantastic organisations on the Yorkshire Coast who work to protect our wild and marine life’s natural habitats, and we partnered with them to start a wildlife series that highlights the important work that takes place.

  • Sealife, Scarborough:  The Seal sanctuary
  • RSPB, Bempton:  Gannets
  • Yorkshire Wildlife Trust:  Puffins and Little Terns



We recognise that we are all equally responsible for the preservation of our beautiful coastline and the amazing species that call this home and we believe that collectively we can achieve even more.

We created the Seal of Approval award because from speaking to our members we know that a lot of you are already working hard to make greener business choices, so we wanted to provide recognition for what you already do, and what you could aspire to do in the future.


To support Route YC cycling routes, we have worked with BID members to install outdoor bike repair stations to encourage cyclists to stop, check their tyres etc and have a drink/bite to eat before carrying on with their ride.

To date we have 21 bike repair stations in place and are in the preparation of building a new list of 20 to order more.  If you would like to be considered for one of these please let us know.  


To support greener methods of travelling throughout the Yorkshire Coast by car, we have partnered with a charging company that will handle installing the infrastructure and subsequent customer service enquiries from people wanting to charge.

It is important that if you want your site surveying that you have an up-to-date EICR report as this will need to be submitted to the company, together with your an estimate of your annual footfall.

In addition to car charging, we have identified a suitable electric bike charging station, if you wish to be considered for this, you will need to handle the installation of the equipment, but we will add you to our list – when we have 10 sites confirmed we will look to confirm the order.

Email:  Kerry at to register your interest in either of these options.


Overconsumption and a throwaway culture have led to a global waste crisis. While even complex rubbish is technically recyclable, most materials are not profitable to recycle. As a result, waste piles up in landfills and pollutes our planet while virgin materials are extracted from the earth to create new products.  We are trialing working with businesses to recycle hard to sort items with TerraCycle’s All-In-One – Zero Waste Box™. 

We have 3 different sizes and once you have filled a box the company will come and collect, and can be used as one of your pledges for the Seal of Approval award.


We know that pressure will be mounting on businesses to look at ways to operate in a carbon negative way, and one of the ways that some organisations do this is by planting trees.  However, with many of our hospitality and accommodation businesses having green spaces, we decided to look into the benefits of sowing wild flowers, whether in planters or fields, these can create rich pollinator areas and help to offset carbon being created.

This is a great article to read about the benefits of sowing wild meadows, and if you would like to take part.


In 2022 we confirmed funding to go towards the infrastructure costs for a brand new Marine Discovery Centre in Whitby.  You can find out more about the funding and details here.


We first found out about Refill from reading an article about a business on the Yorkshire Coast that signed up to be a free water refill point and we thought…what an amazing idea!  With so many visitors coming to the area enjoying outdoor activities, let us make them feel even more welcome by turning your tap, into a free Refill! Find out more information here.


The project is a joint initiative with the University of Hull’s Energy and Environment Institute and East Riding of Yorkshire Council, which is linked to the global CoastSnap programme.

The scheme takes advantage of the area’s blue spaces to document the ever changing and eroding coastline, you can find out more about the initiative here.


We have provided funding to improve the length of an accessible path via at Bempton so in winter people can still walk throughout the area.  Currently the conditions make this a difficult path in wet weather, but the views of the sea and cliffs are absolutely fantastic all year round.

Find out more about this project and how it will be support here.


All of the above activities have been funded via the coastal funds.

  • Protect our Coast website, guides, Seal of Approval, recycling and seeds:  £32,014
  • EV Charging To Date:  £12,038
  • Bike Repair Stations:  £20,600
  • Whitby Discovery Centre:  £65,000
  • Coast Snap / Active Beacons:  £8,333
  • Coastal path development and marketing:  £10,000