What is Grue?

Created by Wintercroft and located in the Old Parcels Office in Scarborough, Grue is a world created by cardboard and discarded paper built by the local community.

A magical network of rooms and windows are created for families to explore and learn about the fantastical world of Grue whilst imparting important messages on how we can protect our own world. 


The Detail:

  • Everyone from the local community is invited to help on Grue ‘build days’
  • Grue is open to the public during December on weekends and school holidays
  • Tickets are on a ‘pay what you can’ basis, enabling all families to visit
  • Hundreds of volunteers take part to create the structure using recyclable materials
  • Grue provides another reason to bring families into the centre of town for a new family experience at Christmas with key environmental messages to help our environment 


Who will benefit?

  • Extra footfall is generated from a new experience located in the town centre during December
  • Businesses can contribute materials like cardboard boxes or discarded paper to help with the build
  • Over 1,000 tickets were sold each year 
  • Our community will benefit from the younger generation understanding the environmental issues we face and learning how to help



2021: £3,000

2022: £9,960

Total: £12,960

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The World of Grue

2022 saw the wonderful world of Grue return for a second year and we were proud to support it again. Created by Wintercroft and supported by Arcade, this amazing world was built by the community of Scarborough and saw 454 voluntary builders use cardboard and paper to build an immersive […]

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Get Involved with Grue

We are excited to be supporting Grue, a magical family experience made entirely from recycled materials, returning for a second year at the Old Parcels Office in Scarborough. Does your business have a lot of cereal boxes, scrap A4 paper or any other, clean, dry card you can donate? Bring them […]

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Discover Grue

We are delighted at the success of Grue, a new family experience that took place in the Old Parcels Office throughout December. A world made entirely out of cardboard and recycled materials was created by almost 300 volunteers including artists and children from the nearby Gladstone Road School. Intricate corridors […]