Withernsea Bike Scheme

As we were looking for ways to help our communities throughout the COVID-19 lockdown, we were fortunate to have businesses that are full of great ideas!  

What started out as a discussion around lack of transport options in Withernsea and the growing need for food delivery for the most vulnerable in the community, turned into the Withernsea Bike Scheme.

Poor transport links meant having the means to reach people with supplies was incredibly difficult; we provided a vital transport donation that enabled the group to reach vulnerable people during the country’s coronavirus lockdown.  Ten bicycles, trailers and safety equipment were donated to ensure volunteers could get essential food and supplies to people in some of the community’s most deprived areas. 

The bikes serve an immediate purpose and will significantly help volunteers deliver food packages to the vulnerable.  However, as the lockdown has lifted and we rebuild this equipment is the start of a new offer to visitors in the area and for vocational training such as teaching bike maintenance. 

This investment in facilities offers a solution to an immediate local need and how tourism can be part of areas recovery plans.

What did we do?

We provided all of the equipment needed for the volunteers to safely operate a food delivery system to help the most vulnerable in the town.  

This included ten bicycles of various sizes, complete with all safety equipment and trailers to allow volunteers to safely distribute food and essential items to the most vulnerable within the Withernsea community.

Here is just one of the videos created showing the scheme in action (warning!  Special appearance was made by the Easter Bunny!)  View HERE

Investment:  £3,879

2021 Developments

This May, the bikes will officially be used for bike hire, part of the soon to be opened Blue Door Pop-In.

This new addition to what is on offer in Withernsea will help support people enjoying and exploring the great outdoors and what it has to offer.

Open to all towns

If your town or village would benefit from a similar scheme, or you have an amazing idea, we are ready to support!