Withernsea Bike Scheme

We are all looking for a way to help our communities during the current Covid-19 pandemic and we are fortunate to have businesses who are full of great ideas!  

What started out as a discussion around lack of transport options in Withernsea and the growing need for food delivery for the most vulnerable in the community, turned into the Withernsea Bike Scheme.

Flamborough Lighthouse

We have invested in providing all the equipment needed for the volunteers to safely operate a food delivery system to help the most vulnerable in the town.  

When we emerge from lockdown and a new level of normality resumes, these bikes will be repurposed for visitor hire and education.

Here is a brilliant showcase of the scheme in action (warning!  Special appearance was made by the Easter Bunny!)  View HERE

If your town or village would benefit from a similar scheme, or you have an amazing idea, we are ready to support!

Withernsea Bike Scheme