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DISC is a project that currently benefits the area of Bridlington and is delivered in partnership with the Humberside Police. It is designed to empower our business community to tackle low level crime and anti social behaviour in the town.

Disc is the unique online system that helps drive down low-level crime and anti-social behaviour in communities. Using a built-in Instant Messaging system and automated weekly e-Newsletter, Disc makes it easy to report and monitor low-level crime, communicate across groups and interact with police. 

The simple desktop and app versions are easy to use and can be accessed either in the back office or on the go. Members can use the system to act fast and report incidents or identify offenders without the worry of breaking Data Protection laws or GDPR. .

Disc Brochure - Crime Partnerships

Funding Info

  • Enhanced, easy crime reporting and current-awareness
  • Engagement tools to maximise member-participation
  • Efficient, effective offender-management
  • Data to show the effectiveness of the system
  • Cross-collaboration with other partnerships, communities and police

To further assist Humberside Police and the Community in dealing with the ongoing drug issues and shop theft within the Bridlington area we have funded 20 drug dog operations.

Use of passive drug dog operations has seen crime reduce by 35% since their use in Bridlington and we are happy to support their ongoing use to further reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in the area.
To sign up to the scheme, drop us an email to bidteam@yorkshirecoastbid.com and we will go through the details with you.




Easy to use platform to report and share crimes.

Used in partnership with the police allows for better reporting and resource being pulled into the area.

Reductions in crimes, like shop lifting, help reduce the burden of lost stock on businesses



Reducing crime helps protect areas from anti-social behaviour creating a better place to live and work.

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To support the scheme further, we have also put £3,000 funding aside for 20 specialist drug dogs to be used at key times.



Drug Dog Operations for 2023

As part of our DISC project, we have also funded additional drug dog operations to support the crime partnership and help to reduce drug activity within the town. We are pleased to announce that five patrols will take place between March and October 2023 to help catch and deter activity […]


DISC 2022 Update

Since its launch, DISC has now gathered 142 members who are committed to driving down low-level crime and anti-social behaviour in their businesses. The easy-to-use app can be installed on back office computers or mobiles to make identifying offenders and reporting crimes quick and easy, plus the instant messaging function […]

Disc Brochure - Crime Partnerships

The power of working together in Bridlington.

The DISC initiative has features and benefits that are easy to use and can help drive down low-level crime and anti-social behaviour. It enables easy crime reporting, communication across groups and interaction with police. It is efficient and effective in offender management with an admin system that’s ‘compliant by design’ […]

DISC is Live for Bridlington Businesses

DISC is Live for Bridlington Businesses

We are delighted to announce that the DISC project we have funded for Bridlington is now live. DISC is free for all businesses and will be available to everyone in the town, but to streamline sign-ups, we are asking all retailers to get in touch so we can pass your […]