Bridlington has been undergoing a lot of changes over the last couple of years, with the new East Riding Leisure Bridlington, new road system and promenade upgrade just to name a few.

Due to the changes and the impact that it has had on the visitor’s experience, we are committed to supporting an official relaunch of the town to now showcase what this small but mighty town has to offer.

The BID will:

  • Create visitor experience packages, which add value to and extend each visitor’s stay
  • Work in partnership to officially relaunch Bridlington, with a strong and vibrant identity after key regeneration works have been completed
  • Help create pop-up events/support pop-up collective schemes
  • Work with businesses and partners to create a strong and vibrant identity to attract new visitors
  • Support a new signature event 
  • Support and grow existing events
  • Work with partners to research and lobby for delivery of new parking solutions 
  • Work with the local authority to make greater use of digital traffic information boards to promote better usage of parking
  • Work with partners to identify ways of managing antisocial behaviour
  • Improve visitor information at key access points in Bridlington, i.e. railway station, to clearly highlight what to do and see in and around the town

Bridlington Bay Lobster Festival 2022

Showcasing the region’s mouth-watering seafood Bridlington Bay Lobster Festival will celebrate the area as the largest lobster fishery in Europe, whose delicious catches are exported to Europe, the Far East and the United Arab Emirates!

Unbeknownst to some, Bridlington is actually known as the Lobster Capital of Europe, the festival will be free for visitors to enter, and will offer everything from cookery demonstrations, musical entertainment and wildlife presentations from local maritime organisations such as the RNLI.

James Wood from the Festival Steering group said: “Our plans for the Lobster Festival in 2020, celebrating Bridlington Bay as the largest lobster fishery in Europe were unfortunately impacted by Covid-19. However, with support from the Yorkshire Coast BID, we’ve been able to rearrange the Festival for next year and will be putting our energies into creating a bigger and better festival showcasing the region’s seafood.” 

We are really excited to support activity that showcases our local produce and this will be built into the coastal route to inspire visitors to sample the local catch.

The event is currently being rescheduled to take placed in 2022.

Race the Waves 2022

This unique event is coming back to Bridlington in 2022 and we are pleased to sponsor the activity as it provides the town with an opportunity to promote its motoring heritage set to the amazing backdrop of south bay beach.

The event is currently being rescheduled to take place in 2022.

The Odyssey

The Odyssey is our flagship event program that will see over 50 outdoor events throughout the Yorkshire Coast. Bridlington will be a prominent location for several stages of the story, including one amazing record challenge in year 3!

This event will provide businesses with a series of opportunities to inspire guests to return for the next instalment.  

All members of the community can either participate in the event,  choose to watch or follow the story unfold online.

Local artists and musicians from the area have been commissioned to tailor this epic adventure to our towns and villages.

Yorkshire Coastal Route

No coastal route experience would be complete without a stop off at Bridlington!  With such an array of activities that visitors can enjoy we envision itineraries in and around the town that highlight key assets like Old Town, North Bay, South Bay and promenade which has been going through recent redevelopment.

We will also be promoting The Odyssey to inspire those who may never have considered visiting before through authentic storytelling.

Coastal Sculpture Collection

We are working with local sculptor Emma Stothard to create key marker point sculptures that will not only fit within the coastal route but will also highlight the marine/wildlife the area is renowned for.

We have ring-fenced funding for a piece to be situated within Bridlington and we are currently working on the style and location to make sure it fits with the towns new vision and branding.

Brid Bus

Some of the best ideas don’t need to be complicated, but they do need to be organised and well-timed!  

In September 2019 we started to promote the free coach travel to residents in Sheffield as a trial and were overwhelmed at the amount of exposure Bridlington received and how many people registered.

You can find out more about Brid Bus here.

Monster Hero Safari 2020

MonsterHero Safari is a story trail specifically designed for families with a range of children’s ages in mind.  Children could excitedly spot the colourful and unique characters along the trail, and older children will enjoy the interactive elements of the NFC enabled window displays and story.  

It was important to us that the Safari came to Bridlington, and the “hunt” was designed to take people around Old Town, high street and south bay to help more businesses benefit from this new and exciting trail.

New Opportunities

We have factored all of our delivery based on our current income only, but as we have a big plan to fulfil over the next five years, we have already started working on additional projects like below.

New Events

Prior to lockdown, we have been in discussion with a number of organisers who have been looking at new and exciting events for the town.  Understandably some of this development activity has been put on hold but we expect for discussions to resume this Autumn and we are excited to see how we can continue our involvement.

Town branding

We are thankful for the time our Bridlington director has contributed to the different steering groups in the town and his involvement with the Lobster steering group.  This approach to developing a town through shared visions, research and funding will enable our contributions to be maximised for the benefit of the entire area.

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