What is Scarborough Stories?

Scarborough Stories​ will celebrate real people and the real stories of Scarborough.

It will bring the high street to life in the evening in a playful and artistic way that is accessible and owned by everyone taking part.

Find out about ARCADE, the producers behind Scarborough Stories, and read more about the project below.

The Detail

Scarborough Stories is a year-long project throughout 2021/2022 that will see a series of inclusive and inspiring workshops led by incredible artists to explore community ideas and stories.  In July 2022, a community cast of story-tellers will present a three professional-quality shows within unusual and untraditional venues on the high street.

Activities will include:

10 creative workshops for community groups

10 storytelling workshops delivered in the town centre, open to everyone

3 evenings of ​Scarborough Stories ​Pilot Performances for audiences

Workshops are aimed at those in our community whose voices are often unheard or who haven’t before taken part in cultural activity or local civic action.  The project is open to people aged 16 – 100,  from all walks of life and the team will work with advocates from local existing organisations and charities to invite people to take part.

ARCADE will invite local independent business owners to take part and explore the roles that storytelling can have in supporting the highstreet to thrive.

Investment:  £30,000

Who will benefit?

Scarborough Stories will offer participants from the community the opportunity to:-

  • Explore storytelling, poetry, writing and performing and connect with their own creativity, in a supportive and inclusive environment
  • Develop their own stories and ideas for change and create space and support for personal reflection and resilience
  • confidence in their own ideas for Scarborough and have their own platform to be heard by policymakers and other

Scarborough Stories will give the business community the opportunity to:-

  • Work in partnership with their community
  • Showcase the high street and their businesses as cultural and community destinations
  • Present and share the story of their business if appropriate

Scarborough Stories will give audiences the opportunity to:-

  • Hear the hidden stories of Scarborough
  • Experience the high street in the evening in a new, safe and creative way
  • Connect with a sense of pride in the town
  • Experience a high-quality art experience
  • Give their feedback on the future of Scarborough Stories pilot
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