The villages that sit along the Yorkshire Coast are important to the BID and whilst there are fewer businesses that sit within them, they are significant as they create the link to the different towns and have their own experiences to offer.

The BID recognises that it is the strength of the business and community groups in these villages that make them exciting and vibrating places to be and support to protect these areas should be flexible and varied.

  • The BID will give businesses the opportunity to apply for funding of between £1,000 – £10,000 to deliver: New events
  • Support existing events
  • Support in bloom activities
  • Develop new products and itineraries/experiences for visitors to enjoy
  • Develop initiatives to ensure they are welcoming and appealing 

Villages Fund:                   £178,023

Additional Income:                £7,100

Committed Funds:                £146,412

Projects Funded from Village Funds

  • Robin Hood’s Bay – Signage 2020 – £604
  • Robin Hood’s Bay – Dock End Improvements 2020 – £2k
  • Robin Hood’s Bay – Webcam 2020 – £608
  • Robin Hood’s Bay – Christmas 2019 – £1.8k
  • Robin Hood’s Bay – Christmas 2020 – £1.7k
  • Robin Hood’s Bay – Defib 0 £1.1k
  • Holderness Business Support 2020 – £5k
  • YWT Puffin Festival 2021-2022 – £18k
  • Wildlife Guides 2021-2022 – £6.7k
  • Staintondale Village Hall 2022 – £9.7k
  • Sleights Signal Box – Start date TBC – £10K
  • SBC Surprise Campaign 2021-2022 – £9.8k
  • Puffins Galore! 2022-2023 – £28.9k
  • Coastal Sculpture Collection 2021-2022 – £50.5k
Projects Funded from Coastal Funds
Monster Hero Safari 2020
Savings Advisory Service 2019-2021
ShopAppy 2020-2022
PA Trailer 2021-2024
Park and Win! 2022
Counting Down to Christmas 2022
Route YC 2021 – 2024:  Marketing and Promotion
Route YC 2021 – 2024:  Bike Repair Stations
Route YC 2021 – 2024:  Paw me a Drink
Route YC 2022 – 2024: EV Points
Odyssey: Lighting up the Coast 2021
Odyssey: 1000 Ships 2021
Odyssey: Trojan Wars 2022
Odyssey: Geo Location Trails 2020-2024
Odyssey: The Survivor and bus tour 2021
Odyssey: Trojan horse (October 2022)
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