Date: March 1, 2021

Client: BACKFIRE Promotion

Services: Event organiser / Marketing


‘Race the Waves’ at Bridlington is the brain-child of Paul Garbutt, who had previously produced classic motorcycle social gatherings under his event name BACKFIRE.  This ‘evolving’ motoring heritage spectacular at the Yorkshire Coast, Race the Waves was originally intended to serve only as a pilot to generate and drive motorcycle interest to Bridlington, which had previously been viewed within the powered two wheeler fraternity, a scooterists destination.

The Yorkshire beaches which historically held motor speed trials and races, stretch South from Coatham Sands (which lies near the mouth of the River Tees ) down to Filey’s Beach, which is only a short distance along the coast from Bridlington.  These beaches have been well documented over the last century with references to historical Motoring Speed Trials & Racing.  Paul’s early years were heavily influenced by not only living close by the Yorkshire coast but also motorcycle racing, be it Road Racing, Scrambles, Grasstrack or Sand Racing.

Thankfully Ernie Crust from Coatham near Redcar, documented much of the UKs historical motor racing which took place on or near the Yorkshire Coast.  The earliest reference to beach Speed Trials within the UK relate to 1905, when motoring Speed Trials were first held on Filey’s stretch of hard sand, which is approximately only 30 minutes drive from Bridlington.  Ernies publications, ‘A Dash Between The Tides’ &  ‘At The Drop Of The Flag’ have offered invaluable references and have been hugely influential towards the thought processes concerning the production and delivery of Race the Waves at Bridlington.

Bridlington Town has long been associated with Speed Trials from as far back as 1904 and the last documented running of the Bridlington Speed Trials was in 1924.  It was held along the Kingsgate road which lies parallel and only a short distance away to where we showcase our tribute to the Heritage of Motoring Speed at the Yorkshire Coast, Bridlington’s South Shore beach.

We are passionate about supporting unique events that can preserve hisotorical narratives and bring excitement for local communities and visitors alike and can’t wait for the event to return in 2022.

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