Date: 3rd May 2021

Every week, we will shine a spotlight across social media on a different BID community business with a social post and accompanying blog, which will feature links to buy your best products and key reasons to shop with you.

This promotion takes place on LoveYorkshireCoast.

These messages will cross-promote your involvement for those businesses in Scarborough who have already signed up to be part of the Scarborough Gift Card.

If you haven’t signed up for the Scarborough Gift Card, now is the time to get involved as over £45,000 worth of cards has been purchased by residents, with £20,000 still waiting to be spent.

It takes minutes to sign up, and all you need is to accept Mastercard payments; no software or extra kit for your tills is necessary. There are no fees, and cards are sold online and in a special dispenser inside the Brunswick Shopping Centre.

It’s open to independent and national businesses, too; you can see who is already involved here and get in touch here if you would like to hear more and register.

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