Following an investment made earlier in the year to upgrade the radio system and website, we have now taken this a step further, introducing the DISC system we have operating in Bridlington, to Scarborough.

The DISC system is a simple way that crimes can be reported digitally to 1) help notify other DISC users and 2) help the police track the number of crimes affecting local businesses in the area.

The scheme will be rolled out through the Scarborough Anti-Theft Group, and will also form part of the accreditation process to the Governing Body of Crime Reduction Partnership, which allows the Anti Theft Group access to apply for Accreditation to the Safer Business Awards which is a great advert for safer shopping in Scarborough High Street.

As soon as the DISC scheme has been set up, we will provide you with information o how you can get involved if you are not already registered via the Scarborough Chamber of Trade and Commerce.

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