Date: Ready to experience, now!

The next chapter in Odyssey is the creation of geolocation trails which allows the listener to enjoy the start of this epic tale of the Trojan wars, voiced by members of our local communities, in the open air whilst exploring the dramatic Yorkshire Coastline.

The story is available free on the Echoes Interactive Sound Walks app from the App Store or Google Play. Look for walks in your area if on the Yorkshire Coast, or search for ‘The Odyssey’ by Animated Objects.

Listeners are invited to enter into this world of ancient Gods and epic battles on their smartphones or digital devices; with the story being triggered by GPS when entering a storytelling area. It will be available in over 25 different locations along the coast as a free-roaming story to be enjoyed at a relaxed pace and with a number of ‘discovery trails’ in larger towns where chapters lead visitors from one location to another to introduce them to areas they may not have explored before.

Here is a preview of the story, the walks go live from Monday 10th May and ‘The Gathering Storm’ will be followed in the autumn by episode two: ‘The Trojan Wars’.

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