As part of our DISC project, we have also funded additional drug dog operations to support the crime partnership and help to reduce drug activity within the town. We are pleased to announce that five patrols will take place between March and October 2023 to help catch and deter activity within the high streets and pubs.

Our DISC community of users continues to grow, with a total of 183 businesses now using the app to help minimise low-level crime and anti-social behaviour. Businesses within both the retail and hospitality sectors can benefit from this interactive tool that is simple to use and provides excellent communication between businesses to help ensure everyone is alert and prepared throughout the town.

The feedback received from businesses so far has been extremely positive; here are a few quotes about what they like about using the DISC app:

‘Yes extremely useful to the pubwatch group, especially when it is updated so much quicker now. Invaluable to many of our venues, thank you.’

‘I find disc very helpful..especially like the instant messages’

‘I really like the app and what it’s about. I really appreciate it for face’s of offenders etc as helps when issues arise and having to do statements etc’

If you would like to become a member and find out more, get in touch at

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