Whether you’ve already joined the Refill revolution or have never heard of it before, you can still get involved to help the fight against plastic pollution.

Good news for the Refill revolution came in July when scientists released a statement confirming reusable containers are perfectly safe to use during COVID-19, provided they are cleaned properly.

Refill stations across the UK can safely offer free tap water refills to customers who choose to avoid single use plastic waste and by signing the Refill petition to put reusables back on the menu, we can help to do more.

Refill are calling on high-street chains & businesses across the UK to start accepting reusable coffee cups, containers and water bottles again. 

These businesses make up a HUGE share of takeaway sales within the UK. By refusing to let their customers choose to reuse, they are contributing to a mountain of completely avoidable waste.

To sign the petition or find out more about becoming a Refill station, click here

Thanks for helping to protect our Yorkshire Coast!


Existing Refill stations can read the guidance on refilling safely by clicking here

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