What is the Yorkshire Coast Soapbox?

The Yorkshire Coast Soapbox Challenge is a free spectators event that sees wild and wonderful soapboxes that run time trials travelling through town centres throughout the UK.  

This year we will see the Soapbox challenge come to the Yorkshire Coast and see Filey be its first event town.  

Events like these are geared up to be big footfall drivers for people who want to cheer on the participants and are structured to give people time to watch the soapboxes run the race, break for lunch, and let people see the soapboxes when they are out of action.

It will be starting near the top of Churches Ravine, travelling down the bank, before turning onto The Beach road by Coble Landing.

This is not only a fantastic family event but one for people of all ages, that want to see some creative time trials take place!


The Detail

Date And Time

5th September 10:30-5 pm

Investment:  £10,000 plus we will be bringing the new PA Trailer down to be positioned at the start of the race under the brand of Love Yorkshire Coast.


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