“The YCB 100 Protect Pledge places the focus on protecting the coastal beauty and preserving it for future generations to enjoy.”

We have been promoting our Protect agenda as part of our ongoing remit, but we know that it is important that we deliver on our commitments and go above and beyond to raise awareness of our and our partner’s achievements and create a positive, lasting legacy to protect the Yorkshire Coast.

YCB 100 Pledge is the umbrella that all of our existing and future projects will sit under, and we have an exciting 12 months of projects lined up, ready to shout about our fantastic coastline, rural areas and wild/marine life.

The Detail

The 12-month campaign will highlight protect initiatives with the promise and delivery of 100 actions/moments to support annually. These will include existing sustainable support such as charging points but will also cover new activities from local, and visitor campaign activity to member beach cleans.

At the end of the 12 months, we will produce a YCB 100 protect actions & video report and demonstrate the value of driving awareness and positive actions linked to our commitments.