Our business community is always top of our minds when considering what projects to invest in and how they will benefit.

Due to our size, we have great opportunities to invest in services for the full area in a more cost-effective way instead of treating each area separately.  This approach also allows us to consider using coastal funds instead of town or village funds if they have the ability to be scaled up and benefit more businesses.

When considering how and what we invest in we:

  • Review our Business Plan
  • Contact a cross-section of businesses for feedback
  • Assess whether it will increase footfall
  • Assess whether it improves the visitor experience
  • Can it save booking commissions, fees, or other costs that businesses incur?
  • Review which sectors are likely to benefit the most.

This has lead to several investments over the last couple of years.


This investment is about creating a  digital high street for businesses to trade online without paying commission fees and is ideal for businesses that do not have websites and online ordering systems.

The portal is easy to use and is a great way to sell products and provide businesses with the flexibility to create their own gift cards tailored to different seasons.

Our investment, combined with NYLEP, has expanded the opportunity for any businesses throughout the Yorkshire Coast to use fee-free until June 2022.

PA Trailer for hire

We understand that events can bring fantastic footfall to different areas, but we also appreciate the costs of equipment to give them scale.

To allow more events to occur and reduce the costs of hiring expensive equipment, we have procured a mobile hospitality trailer with a full PA kit and stage.

All of our BID businesses can use the equipment, and we will bring it and set it up for events.  This also means that if you need a centre for your activity, want to utilise it for live music, shout outs, or even turn it into a mobile merchandise/museum, this is here and available for you.

Love Yorkshire Coast

While all businesses can benefit from an increase in tourism, we recognise that our residents are an important and captive audience.

We live and breathe the area, and we all have the opportunity to support businesses every day by buying local and supporting local retail, leisure and hospitality owners.

This is why we created Love Yorkshire Coast as a public-facing brand to promote businesses directly to our residents.

We have and will continue to run:

  • Individual competitions such as   Cooplands and Crown Spa Hotel.
  • Area-wide competitions such as Park & Win in Bridlington have seen over 7,000 entries in 3 months!
  • Blogs to promote businesses such as Doorstep Adventures, Little Angel, Alpamare
  • Boosted social media posts for individual businesses such as Harrys, Mini Monsterz and Sullivans.
  • Local and regional press features the best places to stay, eat and explore.

The website and social channels will continue to evolve, and any businesses that would like to be featured, or want to help us keep building the audience, are welcomed to get in touch.

Other projects have also included procurement plans to help businesses reduce operating costs, culminating in £30,000 of direct savings, development of tools to help businesses reduce absenteeism and trails to safely encourage people back into their high streets following the first COVID-19 lockdown.

These projects, together with gift card schemes which have locked in over £50k of local spend and a destination campaign to provide you with new assets to use, really is just the tip of the iceberg of what we are planning over the next three years.