Our Objectives

Business Improvement Districts have an important role in fulfilling within their different areas. While our size may mean that addressing larger issues can be more complicated, we will always here to represent your views on how to improve your trading environments, towns and villages.

As many organisations provide different degrees of business growth, training and support, including local authorities, we will always look to signpost you first for the most appropriate help and advice, rather than create an unnecessary service.  Communicating this can be challenging, but if you are ever in need of information or advice, please contact us directly.

The BID will:

  • Work to reduce business costs through collective buying.
  • Lobby local authorities and public sector organisations to represent the views of the business community.
  • Secure additional investment over the course of the BID five-year term to add value to levy investment.
  • Investigate a reward/discount scheme for the Yorkshire Coast.
  • Signpost businesses to additional funding available.
  • Work with partners to deliver sector-specific training, if required.


Throughout 2020 we have been working on renegotiating contracts and fast-tracking approvals to ensure that as we exit restrictions, we have a full program of activity throughout 2021.‹

It was never the will of the board to issue year two levy bills in the light of closures, but as there was no government intervention to allow legal reductions, this meant that bills had to be issued in 2020.

  • Local authorities have a statutory duty to issue bills and collect as per the BID regulations, not the BID Company or Board.
  • The BID Board does not have the power to cancel levy bills or apply discounts; they are bound to operate within the government framework.
  • An alteration ballot cannot be used to write off outstanding liabilities or bring about retrospective changes.

Due to the above, we have been involved in the following lobbying:

  • Requesting the annual BID levy to be suspended for one year due to COVID-19 (National Campaign)
  • Requesting for the annual BID levy to receive the same treatment as business rates for one year due to COVID-19 (National Campaign)
  • For BIDs to be able to apply discounts to the annual BID levy for one year due to COVID-19 (Our Campaign)
  • For those businesses with a rateable value of £51,000-£105,000 to be given access to government grants (National Campaign)

While the levy bills had to be issued, we have made formal requests to Scarborough Borough Council and East Riding of Yorkshire Council to allow for a six-month deferral in June 2020 and an extention to this for a further six months in January 2021.

This now means that outstanding liabilities will now sit with the year three bills due to be issued in August 2021 but if any alterations are able to be made in the meantime, we will update BID businesses direct and in writing.

Savings Advisory Service

We partnered with Meercat Associates in November 2019, to deliver a savings advisory service that provided free and impartial recommendations on how you could reduce your business costs.

Meercat Associates operated on a retainer basis and did not take any commissions or kickbacks on any of the suppliers that they recommended to you, so you received all of the benefits.

As an additional service, they used their national network to provide bulk procurement options for PPE which had been quality checked, so that you received the right safety products for your business.

£30,000 worth of savings were identified and we have now paused this project to look for alternative suppliers who are able to offer a service that can be retained at a more cost effective level.


The pandemic and forced closure of our businesses highlighted a gap in businesses ability to trade online.  

We partnered with ShopAppy, an online platform that can provide businesses with an easy way to sell online.  

This platform started off as a tool for retailers, but with the growth of their site and constant development that includes table/online bookings and e-vouchers, it is a site that anyone can use.  

It was important to us that the site took zero commission from businesses using this service and support was available to those who needed it to get up and running quickly.

Online training sessions have been planned and developed and as we are now exiting trading restrictions we are interested to know whether you would like this support to continue, or whether you would prefer 1-2-1 support to develop your own digital presence.

NYCC Workplace Wellbeing Award

We joined the steering group to help shape the tools available to you to help you maintain and improve the health and wellbeing of you and your employees.  The Work Place Wellbeing Award is a way of taking you through easy steps and adjustments to help minimise workplace absenteeism and empower your employees to help you champion healthier working styles.

It is an incredibly challenging time for business owners focused on the daily tasks, but the team at NYCC are onhand to provide you with advice and guidance so you can get support for you and your team now so you remain fit and healthy.