Living and operating in coastal areas means that we see more than most, how littering and pollution can affect our beaches, green spaces, wild and marine life.

Each year we allocate an estimated £40,000 to spend on those projects that will protect our towns and villages, but this is more than a throw-away statement for us.  All of our partners, especially those that are delivering events, we stipulate that they must ensure that areas are to be left in better condition than when the activity takes place.  

The BID will:

  • Champion coastal excellence to achieve plastic-free and blue-flag beaches.
  • Work with partners to run environmental awareness campaigns.
  • Promote greener modes of travel to and throughout the area.
  • Work with businesses and partners to improve green infrastructure points throughout the Yorkshire Coast.
  • Research solutions for parking congestion and lobby for improvements.


Our aim is for events to leave their locations in a better condition than when they arrived.  Large scale projects like our big coastal event being launched on the 11.8.2020 have built-in beach/area cleans so this is guaranteed as part of the delivery.

In addition, we are always keen to ensure that materials can be recycled and repurposed which has been factored into our coastal event.




Not all projects we support are publically “launched” for one simple reason – we don’t want to detract from the overall aim of an organisation.  

As soon as we heard of what Scarborough Community Kitchen was providing to those in need in Scarborough, we reached out to see if we could be of assistance.  We helped by procuring eco-friendly food containers so that they could not only fulfil their vital work in providing food to those in need within Scarborough but also to further our commitment to helping areas become plastic-free to save our seas and marine/wildlife.




We are always open to supporting organisations who are as passionate about protecting the Yorkshire Coast as we are, and if you have a great idea, feel free to join us on one of our fortnightly “Clean Catch-Up” beach cleans that we are starting this September.  

Get in touch to find out where we are heading to over the coming months if you want to chat and help transform our coastline into a cleaner, greener place!