For many, the Yorkshire Coast is a hidden gem because it has never been promoted as an all-encompassing destination, and that provides us with a huge opportunity to put our area on the map.

We have diverse landscapes, historic towns and everything you could need to create a memorable experience and we are committed to showcasing the area for everything that it has to offer.

You told us that marketing, promotion and appearance are one of the most important issues for the BID to address to connect our towns and villages.

Each year we allocate an estimated £340,000 and this fund aims to make the Yorkshire Coast more visible regionally and nationally to attract more visitors to stay and spend more to make the Yorkshire Coast a top UK visitor destination.

The BID will:

  • Promote the entire Yorkshire Coast, exploring marketing channels both nationally and internationally.
  • Deliver itineraries aimed at promoting nature tourism in key off-peak times of the year.
  • Develop a 1-2 week festival to encourage new visitors to the Yorkshire Coast to experience the history and arts within each town and village.
  • Develop a new 1-2 week sports-based festival to encourage new visitors to the Yorkshire Coast linked to accommodation providers to promote 5-7 day stays.
  • Develop new experiences for visitors, working towards turning day-trippers into extended stays.
  • Research a Yorkshire Coast passport where businesses can be part of an experience-based package.

Out of testing times, comes new opportunities and due to our involvement in national groups alongside other BIDs, we became aware of the creation of a new family trail that was being created to boost high street footfall throughout the UK.

We secured MonsterHero Safari for all of our coastal towns which we officially launched on the 13th July.  It is a fantastic way for families to re-engage with their high streets, safely through using technology to find 10 monsters hidden throughout each town.

We made the decision to make the first 1,000 plays free of charge to take away any barriers for people to engage, but this investment, together with any donations made by the public, will be donated straight to NHS Charities Together Fund.

The trail will be live until the end of September and we will be monitoring its effectiveness as this could provide us with ideas to create alternative trails at key times of the year such as Christmas.

Over the last 6 months, we have been looking at alternative ways to specifically support retailers throughout the Yorkshire Coast.  The pandemic sped up our decision-making process and we switched from investing in a gift card program to an online selling platform.

It was important to us that whilst businesses were forced to closed, that those able to sell, but perhaps did not have websites, had the opportunity to.  We specifically chose to work with ShopAppy because not only was their platform up and running in towns across the UK with fantastic testimonials, but it is a zero commission site – so businesses receive maximum income.  

The main barrier for retailers was not having a delivery network which has been set up initially in Whitby and Scarborough with future opportunities for Click and Collect.  

The service is free for 12 months for all levy payers and we are pleased that the operators have now confirmed that they will extend this to all businesses to help it imbed within the community.

This platform provides businesses with an opportunity to easily trade online and manage orders, as opposed to trying to set up eCommerce websites and/or trade online.

Copy of Set out t conquer the ocean.

We are committed to using the best suppliers throughout our coastal area and all of our suppliers are instructed to procure imagery, soundtracks and other services from within the Yorkshire Coast.  Some expertise may need to be outsourced from a wider area, but we will endeavour to keep this within Yorkshire.

We are currently speaking to photographers, website and app developers – please feel free to recommend a local supplier that you have used so we can include them in our tendering process.