The Wykeham Damselfly is the second sculpture to be commissioned as part of the Coastal Sculpture Collection, which can be found on Route YC.  Taking inspiration from the surroundings here at North Yorkshire Water Park, the Wykeham Damselfly sculpture represents just one of around 50 species of Beautiful Demoiselle that live in and among lakes, such as this.

The Damselfly is a remarkable species due to its delicate features and subtle colours, meaning Yorkshire artist, Emma Stothard, had to ensure the materials used for the sculpture portrayed this correctly. The body, head and tail have been designed using copper wire as over time, the patina turns a lovely verdigris green representing the true colours of the Beautiful Demoiselle. To portray the wings correctly, they were hand-formed using stainless steel round bar before methodically woven in phosphorous bronze wire, which will turn a soft brown over time.


The Beautiful Demoiselle is a type of Damselfly that can often be spotted at North Yorkshire Water Park and the surroundings due to its love of environments with sand or gravel bottoms. Made up of a variety of unique colours, the female Beautiful Demoiselle can be recognised by its Verdi green body with pale, brown wings, differing from that of the males which can be identified by their electric blue bodies and dark wings.

This species has a wingspan of 6cm and four wings, which it holds in a closed position when at rest. The main threat facing this species is habitat loss, through changes in the management of land and pollution.


The Coastal Sculpture Collection consists of a group of unique sculptures placed in a variety of locations across the Yorkshire Coast for people to visit and enjoy. Each sculpture has been designed to represent the area it’s located within, offering a chance to learn about the natural species that can be found in the surrounding environments. The Collection creates marker points throughout Route YC for people to admire, and supports its objectives of raising awareness of protecting wild and marine life throughout the Yorkshire Coast.

With North Yorkshire Water Park being the home to many of the Damselfly species, local artist, Emma Stothard, was inspired to create the Wykeham Damselfly to represent the area and its surroundings.

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