We’re excited to announce a new opportunity for businesses to maximise their social media and digital advertising by using storytelling techniques in their everyday marketing. The workshop will be delivered by Scarborough Stories and will encompass the practical marketing tools learned throughout the project so far that will benefit businesses including tips and tricks for capturing great images and video, developing a consistent brand voice and how to respond to online reviews.

Here’s more from Jim at Scarborough Stories on what the workshop will set out to do:

‘ARCADE ARTS have been running Scarborough Stories, a project about real stories, told by the people who live them. As a business owner, I know I live that story every day and I also know how frustrating it is when that story is told wrong. We work hard to deliver to our customers the very best in whatever it is we do and this is increasingly a conversation between business owners, the customers and their potential customers. Storytelling techniques, whether they are using words, images or a combination of all sorts, are at the heart of a business’s marketing and I’d like to share with you the lessons we’ve learned throughout the Scarborough Stories process.’
This workshop is designed around social media & digital advertising and will cover techniques that everyone can implement regardless of the size of your team or your business. It will take place during the last week of May (date TBC) and will be delivered online via Zoom and will also be available to watch after the event with handy pdf’s too.

If you are interested in booking your place or finding out more, then please get in touch with Lisa at bidteam@yorkshirecoastbid.com.