After 12 months of planning and the fantastic support of local sculptor Emma Stothard and the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, the Spurn Butterfly has been installed in its natural resting place with its fellow species.

The Green Hairstreak Butterfly has inspired the piece, a species found at Spurn Point, and created to weather and timelessly evolve with the elements at this stunning peninsula.

This piece solidifies our commitment to seeing the southern end of the Yorkshire Coast as a key destination and stop off moment maker as part of the Yorkshire Coastal Route launching this Autumn.  Creating moments and important structures that will stand the test of time, providing visitors reasons to revisit is an important part of our vision and commitment to growing the brand of the Yorkshire Coast to rival other locations within the UK.

As Spurn Butterfly settles into its environment, we are now embarking on the next pieces and look forward to sharing ideas and designs over the coming months.

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