Date: Aug, 1 2020

Client: ARCADE

Services: Creative agency in the heart of Scarborough


People of Scarborough: come and make a brand new show and share your passion and stories.

Scarborough Stories is for anyone who has a story they want to tell or is angry or passionate about an issue or challenge in their life or community.  This is your opportunity to spend some time creatively exploring your own stories and ideas in a supportive environment.

Open to all, no experience needed, you will be supported all the way.

You can join the team at ARCADE this year in a series of inclusive and inspiring workshops led by incredible artists to explore ideas together, and in Spring 2022, for those who want to, ARCADE will go on to create and perform a site-specific show for the high street, which has stories at its heart.

Workshop details coming soon, but in the meantime, if you would like to get involved as an interested party or performer please contact: