At the end of 2021, we funded a digital add-on to make it even easier for people to buy and gift the Scarborough Gift Card. Thank you to participating retailers for getting involved in the scheme. It has been great to see the local media cover this again, helping to keep it top of mind as a way to lock in spending for Scarborough businesses.

Janet Deacon, Head of Tourism and Culture, said, “It is wonderful news that the Scarborough gift card can now be purchased in a digital format and placed within the phone wallet.  Many amazing diverse businesses across Scarborough are now supporting the scheme. The benefit of purchasing the gift card is that the user of the card will now have a huge choice of where to spend the money, whether it be retail, leisure hospitality or other town-centre services.  It’s an amazing gift of choice. The biggest benefit of all is that it supports our local businesses and the local economy”.

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