Date: April, 23 2021

Client: Animated Objects Theatre Company

Services: Designer / Event Organiser / Marketing


The Odyssey – An Epic Adventure on the Yorkshire Coast

Over the next three years, we’re working with the talented Animated Objects and the local communities along the Yorkshire coast to  reinvent an ancient epic tale in a way that only the Yorkshire Coast can…

Inspired by Homer’s classic tales of the Trojan Wars and the hero Odysseus’ incredible adventure trying to return to his beloved homeland, this version is going to be set across over 100 miles of Yorkshire’s dramatic coastline and surrounding areas.

Some of the story may be familiar to people already – The Trojan horse sneaking into the city of Troy for example (wait until this starts to be built by the different towns and villages throughout the coast!), or you may have heard of Achilles and his heel.

After the successful launch of the first installment Lighting Up The Coast, you will now be introduced to the story in more detail, through geolocation story apps and visual projects in different locations.

To follow the story there’ll be a number of exciting activities taking place:

Illuminations; short films; animation; new writing and music; sculpture; dance; giant puppetry; lanterns; parades; digital artworks and more.

And the stars of this story are the communities themselves.

Animated Objects Theatre Company are looking for makers; storytellers; performers; or anyone who’d like to get involved in being part of something that celebrates the people and places of the Yorkshire coast and with over 400 contributors and over 1,200 attendees at Lighting Up The coast, we are excited to see how the series develops.

Please contact or call on (01723) 378906 to get involved.