In June, we supported the Tug of War Association to being their 2023 Outdoor National Championships to Bridlington RUFC.

This national event saw competitors come from all over the UK, bringing friends and family to stay for the weekend and the overall feedback from the organisers was that the venue, facilities and town were excellent.

The Tug of War Clubs present came from Sussex, Dorset, Somerset, Devon, Berkshire, Essex, Bedfordshire, Leicestershire, Cheshire, Yorkshire & Cumbria.

There were the following different Categories held during the day.
Men’s 560, 600, 640, 680, 720 kilos & Catchweight.
Ladies 500, 520, 540 & 560 kilos
4×4 Mixed 580 kilos
Junior weight categories 2 off.

The organisers cited that competitors stayed at a variety of locations, Hotels, Caravan Camps and Bed & Breakfast establishments with the majority of the Officials attending stayed at the Lobster Pot Hotel, as did at least one of the Clubs competing. 

There were approximately 250 to 300 athletes competing in the weight categories above and about 20 Officials in attendance.

Additionally, family, friends and supporters came, especially for the 2 off Clubs from Yorkshire that were competing. The Junior teams competing had approx 100+ supporters, especially the Yorkshire Junior team.

TOWA moves to different locations every year, but we have registered our interest to bring the event back to Bridligton in the future.

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