We are looking for businesses who would like to get involved with The Odyssey installations in Filey and Hornsea in the upcoming Lantern Parades.

Filey – Saturday 11th March

We are looking for businesses in Filey town centre/seafront who would be interested in displaying a lantern linked to The Odyssey, to form part of a lantern trail around the town on the evening of Saturday 11th March.

Lanterns can be either hung or free-standing to fit in a shop window alongside your existing displays. One of the Animated Objects team will visit a couple of weeks before the event to discuss what will work best in your space with you. Batteries will be provided for the lanterns on the day.

An online map of the lantern locations will also be placed on social media to guide visitors around the town, as part of the illuminated evening event – ’The Odyssey – Here Be Monsters’ that will be taking place in Glen Gardens. The event is free to visitors, and the intention is to attract people to explore the town itself as part of the evening.

On the morning of the event, one of the team will call in to drop off your lantern and place it in your window. The lantern needs to be switched on at approx. 4.00 p.m and can be left overnight. The team will call in on Monday 13th March to pick up the lantern following the event.

Hornsea – 29th April

A similiar set up to the Filey event above.

An example of the lanterns are below:

If you are interested in speaking to the Odyssey team, please get in touch at bidteam@yorkshirecoastbid.com.

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