A new initiative is starting on the 23rd of July called The Bridlington Explorer.  We have worked with the existing service provider to trial the expansion of the open-top bus service to now visit all of the key spots in and around Bridlington.

The service will now follow the below route:

Park and Ride – South Marine Drive – Bridlington Spa – Harbour – Promenades – East Riding Leisure – North Bay – Sewerby – Bridlington Priory – Bridlington Old Town – Eastfield Garden Centre – Park and Ride

On board, we have created an audio guide that highlights great places to visit and key historical moments so people can learn more about the ever-changing town.

To support this further, we are creating digital brochures, so if you want your business listing with or without offers, please upload your information below, and if you would like leaflets for your business to share with your customers, you can tick “include me” on the same link.

We will share more information shortly about how the service is being launched with all participating businesses.