Date: Aug, 1 2020

Client: Big Ideas By The Sea

Services: Event Organiser


Big Ideas By The Sea is a new festival that will take place in Scarborough, UK, in July 2021.  The festival aims to be the North’s leading environmental and creative festival by 2025.

This not-for-profit annual festival will bring leading speakers, thinkers, and creative people from science, the arts, business, technology and the environment to debate the Big Ideas that concern all of us.

Set between moor, wolds and sea, Scarborough offers festival participants a unique and inspiring setting for fun and debate.

Until the advent of the railway, ideas travelled with people on foot and by sea.  Sea ports were the point of entry and exit, of exchange and cross-fertilisation, a place where ideas landed, took root and flourished. Scarborough is a coastal town, deeply rooted in its historic relationship with the sea. The town is now a centre of creative thought and dynamic action that address these issues.

If you are curious and want to participate in debates and talks with our panellists and speakers, this festival is for you!

This will be just the tip of the iceberg in what you will get to hear, see and experience and the best way to see how you can support, get involved or simply sit back and absorb the myriad of inspiring topics, head to Big Ideas By The Sea to find out more.

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