The annual Big Ideas By The Sea festival is back for a fourth year and brings together professional speakers, leading thinkers, academics and creative people from science, the arts, education, business, technology and the environment.

In a series of events spread across several venues and businesses around Scarborough, the audience is invited to explore, debate and champion positive change related to the big environmental issues that concern us all on a personal, local, global and intergenerational level.

Check this year’s programme.

This year’s theme is Paradise. The events will take you from digging in Paradise to exploring Paradises on Earth; you will be transported to the Ancient Egyptian view of Paradise to the musical Paradise of 5 Star Brass. Also featured is the World Premiere of Cayley’s Flight, a play written here in Scarborough about the father of aeronautics, George Cayley, who was born in Scarborough in Paradise.

Be sure to catch The Scarborough Symphony Orchestra on 11th May, which will provide an exciting Prelude to the Festival. Saturday 18th and Saturday 25th promise a range of talks by both local and international speakers. The Big Dig will be digging in Paradise between the 20th and 31st of May for a third exciting year. 

The Big Ideas By The Sea Ticket Shop is open; please get your tickets early to avoid disappointment.

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