Investing in our Coastal Talent


Partnership is at the core of what we do.

We understand that for us to deliver for all of our communities throughout the Yorkshire Coast, that we cannot do it alone.  

Our partners, are some of the most creative and diverse groups and individuals from the Yorkshire Coast and it is with their support and ideas that we have managed to deliver activities to benefit our BID community.

The Yorkshire Coast boasts an amazing array of artists, thinkers and creators, and we are proud to be working with such amazing talent.  

We are committed to wherever possible, taking a ground-up approach when looking at which events to support because, at their heart, they are truly authentic, and organisers have a real understanding of the area.

Events can not only be used to attract footfall into key locations and increase dwell time, but they can be a source of showcasing our local talent and challenging perceptions of what a town, village, or even the Yorkshire Coast is known for.

As we continue to seek the next project or event to champion and invest in, we wanted to share with you the background of some of the talented event organisers we are working with.

ARCADE:  Scarborough Stories

ARCADE is a community producing company based in Scarborough, led by Rach Drew and Sophie Drury-Bradey. Their belief that everyone is creative and that culture belongs to everyone inspired us to support Scarborough Stories.

Scarborough Stories started in January 2021 and is a programme of community story building activities that will include; true-story open mic nights, storytelling workshops and intensive skills boosting workshops led by world-class artists. This will culminate in three pilot performances of Scarborough Stories over a weekend, taking place in unusual and alternative venues.

Big ideas By The Sea CIC: Festival of Ideas

The Big Ideas By The Sea Festival of Ideas has been developed by local residents and artists.  

The inspiration being brought to life by Kane Cunningham, is one of whos unique perspective of living by the sea and seeing how Scarborough has inspired many different artists who are now situated in far-flung places has created and shaped this fantastic festival.

This new and unique festival which promises to establish itself as a world-class annual cultural and community event in Scarborough, is the first of its kind on the Yorkshire Coast.

Animated Objects Theatre Company:  The Odyssey

Animated Objects is a small, local company that delivers enormous ideas.  Lee and Dawn Dyson-Threadgold are passionate about working with communities to create visually spectacular events and have been working in the area for many years.  Their approach to community-led workshops to contribute to events from lantern parades to large scale puppets first attracted us to discuss what a full-scale coastal project would look like.

The Odyssey is our flagship event program that will see over 50 outdoor events throughout the Yorkshire Coast.

This project will provide businesses with a series of opportunities to inspire guests to return for the next instalment and even participate in narration, filming and social campaigns.

Emma Stothard:  Coastal Sculpture Collection

Emma Stothard is a nationally renowned sculptor who grew up on the Yorkshire Coast in Kilnsea before working out of her workshop in Whitby.  Her sculptures grace the gardens of stately homes, galleries and private homes around the country.

We started discussions with Emma in 2020 about our plans to create a Coastal Sculpture Collection themed around wild and marine life renowned for being in different locations.

This collaboration with Emma, the different communities and partners is fascinating as it provides us with an opportunity to create “moments” that people can photograph and share to help further the message about the Yorkshire Coast as a destination and how we need to protect the environment which we reside in for future generations.

Filey Bay 1779 Research Group:  Filey Bay 1779

A local group in Filey, with our support, was able to take an important step in forming a community interest group, so that it could capitalise on the finding of the Bon Homme Richard.  The find is of international significance due to its involvement in the Battle of Flamborough Head.  The work and development that the group is undertaking for the benefit of the town and surrounding villages, is one that should be followed over the next couple of years.  We will see the first set of events taking place in September to commemorate the anniversary, and look forward to seeing other areas we can support over the coming years.

Crescent Arts:  PLACE Exhibitions

Crescent Arts is a vibrant creative hub founded in 1979 in the basement of Scarborough Art Gallery by and for visual artists in Scarborough.  Their inclusive approach to not only artists of all backgrounds but also themes first attracted our attention.  From equality and social justice to climate crisis and PLACE, the artists respond and create a collective exhibition.  

Cultural-based activities, we believe, must be brought to people, and the PLACE exhibition is the first of its kind, taking place in a disused retail unit in Scarborough.

Backfire Promotions:  Race the Waves

Paul Garbutt, who had previously produced classic motorcycle social gatherings under his event name BACKFIRE, is the living and breathing incarnation of Race the Waves.  His passion for ‘evolving’ motoring heritage and the Yorkshire Coast has culminated in an event that is the first of its kind, returning to our much-loved town, Bridlington.  

The event itself will attract fantastic footfall when it returns in 2022, but more importantly, it creates an opportunity to remind motor enthusiasts what the Yorkshire Coast is like.  There will be no end to new and innovative ideas with Backfire, and we look forward to seeing what other new editions we can support, like the Great Wolds-Valley Run in 2021.

Decadent Drawing:  Whitby Krampus Run

Decadent Drawing is a Whitby based organisation that brings an alternative approach to the experience of art. 

Formed at the beginning of 2013 partly as a response to the limitations of art education, they have continued to evolve into creating Dark Arts series of exhibitions and larger events such as Whitby Krampus Run.  We love their approach to building events with the community, particularly those like Krampus Run that brings mythology to life, quite literally throughout the streets of Whitby.  

Whitby to Whitby CIC:  Whitby Winter Festival

The Whitby Festival CIC is a brand new community interest company created to bring more inclusive events to Whitby.  

The members of the CIC are hardworking business owners in the town, running shops to accommodation. Still, their love for Whitby and a need to give back to the community has culminated in a group of passionate and talented people wanting to make a big difference.  We are proud to support groups just like these and can’t wait to see Whitby’s first Winter Festival come to life later this year.