The Yorkshire Coast has been a source of inspiration for many a writer, but did you know that J.R.Tolkien was inspired by the Holderness Coast?

Following his return from battle in WWI, Tolkien spent time in the Holderness area while recovering, and it is believed that he was inspired to create The Hobbit.  

To commemorate this and the references to the Wolds, which made an appearance in the Fellowship of the Ring, the “Tolkien Triangle” map was created by ERYC to highlight the area.

​​​​During his time in East Yorkshire, he explored many of the towns and villages along the East Yorkshire Coast with further links to Roos, near Withernsea, where, in 1917, his wife Edith, danced for him in a wood while he was stationed at a nearby camp.

To bring even more attention to this, we have partnered with the Visit East Yorkshire Team to fund a new sculpture to mark this location in Roos.

The sculpture is proposed to be carved from a tree trunk depicting the period with this wife, and now we have confirmed the funding, we are expecting an installation date of late April – May

Villages fund investment:  £8,160


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