BID Led Projects

In addition to providing funding to event organisers and agencies to help us fulfil our business plan, there are some projects which we will take the lead on developing and even delivering.

These projects are always developed from feedback that we receive from our businesses, so if you have a great idea, get in touch!

How do we create BID projects?

Everything always starts with a great idea!  Whether this is suggested by a business or one of the directors, our first step is to check that it a) fits with our business plan objectives and b) it is not duplicating or replacing another source of funding.

The next step is identifying what we need to deliver it, including putting budgets together so the directors can make an informed decision before asking to submit their vote.

Who delivers BID projects?

We are able to deliver projects through the BID company by using the expertise of our directors, combined with the company resources which we refer to as “The BID Team”.

Our team is small and we intend to keep it that way to ensure that we are operating efficiently and to keep our cost as low as possible.

With any project, there are times when we may need to partner with external experts, but we will always issue tenders and contact relevant businesses within the Yorkshire Coast first.  

Who is the BID Team?

Our team consists of two paid company employees who are your main point of contact for up to date information about the BID.

Kerry Carruthers, Chief Exec.  

Core responsibilities: Company operations, business liaison, contract management and project development.

Lisa Craven, Project Co-ordinator.  

Core responsibilities: Communications and business onboarding for BID projects including ShopAppy, Refill and Meercat Savings Service.