Yorkshire Coast BID

Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) are developed, managed and funded by businesses for five years.

The company has been set up as a not for profit, limited by guarantee, governed by a Board of Directors who represent levy-paying businesses from different areas and sectors.


About Us

YC BID Governance

The BID is governed by a board of levy-paying directors who are all responsible for ensuring the BID company operates in the very best interest of levy-paying businesses whilst adhering to the government BID Regulations.

How are directors selected?

When the BID company was launched, all levy paying businesses were invited to nominate themselves to become a director, after they had completed their member application form.

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How are directors appointed?

All directors who apply to be on the board are vetted to ensure they are a member, have paid their levy within 3 months of the bills being issued and promise to not only represent their area and sector, but also, agree to maintaining the overall health of the BID company. 

If multiple people have applied for a single available position, BID members are asked to vote on whom they wish to have represent them.  The business with the majority votes is then appointed to formally join the board.

Is the BID really private sector led?

In the BID Business Plan and our Articles of Association, we have protected the voting rights within the board to ensure that our private sector directors drive the company forward at all times.

The private sector directors share a protected 81% of voting power, with all public agencies capped at a share of 19%.

Who is on the Board in my area?


Clive Rowe-Evans


James Hodgson, owner of Hodgson’s Choice Apartments


Dean Bullen, owner of Lets Go Coastal


Jayne Nendick, CEO of The Shores Centre


John Harding, Director of Great Yorkshire Radio


Ben Gilligan, Operations of East Yorkshire Motors

Mo Driffield, Manager of Marks and Spencers

Pete Gibson, General Manager of Cayton Bay Resorts

Can I apply to be on the Board?

Yes, you can!  

If you are a levy business or opt to become one voluntarily by making the equivalent financial contribution, you can nominate yourself for one of the following available positions:

  • Whitby
  • Scarborough
  • Villages
  • Hornsea
  • Bridlington

To nominate yourself, please complete your member and director application form.

The board has not set a new closing date, so we will contact you with an update after you have applied.