BID Board

Governance of the BID Company

The Board is a collection of the Yorkshire Coasts independent, national and public sector operators.  The Yorkshire Coast BID directors are volunteers and do not receive any remuneration for their position. 

All directors are asked to provide area and sector information and advice and are committed to the coastal objectives to promote, protect and support the entire Yorkshire Coast.

Where there are vacancies, any BID member can apply to join the BID board.  When a formal application has been received for a vacant position, members will be informed so the vetting process can be completed within 30 days.  You can apply to become a director by completing the application form here.

The Board meets monthly and copies of board minutes are available after they have been approved.

BID Board Chair

The chair was elected at the first meeting of the current board members in July 2019.  Similar to board directors, the chair must be a levy payer and can serve for an initial period of two years before a new vote is called.

The chair can only cast a vote in order to break a tie.

BID Board Directors

All directors who apply to be on the board are vetted to ensure they are a member, have paid their levy within 3 months of the bills being issued and promise to not only represent their area and sector, but also, agree to maintaining the overall health of the BID company. 

If multiple people have applied for a single available position, BID members are asked to vote on whom they wish to have represent them.  The business with the majority votes is then appointed to formally join the board and will serve for an initial period of two years before needing to reapply.

BID Board Voting Rights

In the BID Business Plan and our Articles of Association, we have protected the voting rights within the board to ensure that our private sector directors drive the company forward at all times.

The private sector directors share a protected 81% of voting power, with all public agencies capped at a share of 19%.

All directors must register any COI prior to each individual vote so their % can be reallocated to those that are able to participate within the vote.

Also, all directors that prefer to abstain in specific votes are registered and their voting % is allocated to those that are able to participate within the vote.

Minutes only display the boards collective voting decisions so that individual directors are able to freely vote without external influence.

Board Authorisation Process

We are currently reviewing the approval process, but currently all applications, irrelevant of the financial amount is required to be reviewed and approved by the full board.

Where the BID team develop projects in-house and suppliers are required, a formal tender process will commence and a minimum of 3 quotes will be obtained.  

In all instances suppliers within the BID geographical area will be invited to apply before extending the radius to Yorkshire and then national.

Tenders will be reviewed and assessed on:

  • Cost
  • Testimonials
  • Quality and Reputation

Where projects are submitted for funding by external applicants, a requirement of funding is that local suppliers and BID businesses are provided with the opportunity to quote when applicable.

BID Board


Clive Rowe-Evans





Martyn Coltman


Jayne Nendick, CEO of The Shores Centre


John Harding, Director of Great Yorkshire Radio


Ben Gilligan, Operations of East Yorkshire Motors

Mo Driffield, Manager of Marks and Spencers

Pete Gibson, General Manager of Cayton Bay Resorts

Public Sector

Michael Graham, North York Moors National Park

Karl Battersby, North Yorkshire County Council

Cllr Shaun Horton, East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Richard Bradley, Scarborough Borough Council

The Board structure was set out in the 2018 Business Plan and was represented in the following image.

Screenshot 2020-06-09 at 13.37.59

How to join the BID Board

If you are a levy business or opt to become one voluntarily by making the equivalent financial contribution, you can nominate yourself for one of the following available positions:

  • Whitby:  Independent business owners only
  • Filey:  Independent business owners only
  • Hornsea:  Independent business owners only
  • Bridlington:  Independent business owner only

To nominate yourself, please complete your member and director application form.

Board Minutes