This Sunday will see the Super Soapbox Challenge arrive in Bridlington, and here are some important updates relating to the road closure and parking.

The event course will start at the junction of Meadowfield Avenue on South Marine Drive before turning onto the promenade at the junction of Belgrave Road.

Part of the event is a ramp and course which needs to be built, and to accommodate this; we have been working with the East Riding of Yorkshire Council to ensure that it is a safe event and one where we are protecting the parking of residents and businesses guests in the area.

South Marine Drive will be closed from Saturday 10th, at 7 am and will remain closed to the public until Sunday 11th, at midnight.  Signage put in place for the event will reflect that access and parking on the side streets are for residents and businesses guests only.

To mitigate additional traffic for the visitors coming to attend the event, we have procured a second parking site at Strawberry Fields, which will be open 8 am – 8 pm on the Sunday.

There are diversions in place for coaches and marshalls on hand to accommodate any questions on the day to help keep the traffic moving throughout the area.

We are also now adding the following information to the promotion of the event to make visitors aware of the parking restrictions in place.

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