BID Update

All BIDs throughout the UK have sought advice and guidance on what options are available to them when looking at whether they can apply relief to levy payments.

While many have continued to bill out as normal as they provide essential safety and cleanliness service to their respective areas, the board made the decision in 2020 to defer payments for six months to provide time to continue to lobby for amendments to BID Regulations to allow changes to billing.

There has been no amendments and in light of further COVID-19 restrictions, in January, the board submitted a request to the local authorities to request an additional 6 month extension to the deferral period affecting the year two levy.

As of the 24th February, both authorities have now accepted this request and no reminders will be issued until August 2021.

The board will continue to monitor the situation and update businesses in due course should other options present themselves over the next six month.